Instead of an editorial

In any community there are people who – it is said – leave deep marks.

Dr. Ulrich Bachmann is – was – such a person. We can find his footprints almost everywhere in our industry. Filling them is not just a task, it is an obligation to keep his memory.

In the truest sense of the word, he kept on educating himself:
from elementary school
to technical college
to engineering school.
And in later life, one more step to take the step against cancer, to work on a dissertation, to show yourself and the world that things can and must go on despite all adversities. After working for the newspaper for 50 years, he completed his life’s work with a doctorate in engineering.
His life was marked by ups and downs. And whatever life tried to oppose him, he always defended himself bravely and with a strong will, went his way and became and is a role model for all of us.

What to say about a humble person? List all the good things he’s done, all the favours he’s done for nothing? That would not be like Dr. Bachmann, he wasn’t like that.

No, he wasn’t perfect either, because who or what is that already in this life. He was a “good person”. A person who also had mistakes, but always tried to make up for them, who has always seen the good in people and also the “benefit of the doubt”, which in case of doubt applies to the other.

He fought the good fight like a real hero in almost every way.

And yet, in the end, cancer defeated him.

Full of deep sadness and the desire to continue his work, to fill in his footsteps, we say goodbye to Dr. Ulrich Bachmann.

Requiescat in Pacem