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Plastic bottles are to blame for the amount of pollution in the sea. People consume plastic bottles at a certain pace. It is predicted that one of the 10 years the production of 1 million bottles per minute worldwide to 1.2 million units and which will be more than 500 billion bottles every year.

Scientific studies have found microplastics in 114 aquatic species. By consuming each of these types, there is a chance that a smaller portion of the microplastics will work in our personal system. If we have to try to change the consumption of plastic bottles, we also have to find questions for the personal used plastic bottles.

When Shiny felt its ECO line, Shiny had used recycled PET (main composite made of plastic bottles) in its PET safety recycled plastic, which received regular plastic material to cater to the environmental threat we all belong to. We have now heard this part 100%, so that stamp dealers and thus ultimately those who pay our printer line die, can rightly have a good feeling about it.

So that our oceans no longer become a rubbish dump and plastic products from the first cycle have a meaningful further existence. Our printer line is not only used for this purpose, but also for a very beautiful 100% cleanliness in the truest sense.