Masterpieces of exceptional quality

by Jeremia Carl

On Saturday, September 14, 2019, as graduates of the master class for engravers and metalworkers, we were able to successfully complete our master examination part I and II. To our great joy, we were able to present our master examination projects in the rooms of the HWK Düsseldorf to a larger audience. At the same time, you could admire the journeyman’s examination pieces of the 2019 exam. In a small ceremony we were able to hand over their journeyman’s letters to the companions in the form of an acquittal. But we were also welcomed by our examiners and lecturers, the general manager Dr. Fuhrmann, Mr. Obermeister Till Esser and Mr. Niklas Gottfried honored with short, praising and motivating speeches. This success was then celebrated with our guests with currywurst and drinks and happy, stimulating conversations. We would like to thank the Engraving and Metalworking Guild of the Rhine-Ruhr and the BIV for making this celebration possible for us.

Below are the graduates:

Jeremia Carl, master engraver, Mönchengladbach / NRW
Pavel Grotkamp, ​​engraver, Essen / NRW
Eduard Gelwich, metal sculptor, Hof (Westerwald) / RP
Lea Hagedorn, engraver, Heiligenhaus / NRW
Heike Krusch, master engraver, Waldheim / Saxony
Michele Palmiere, metal sculptor, Drensteinfurt / NRW
Juliane Storm, master engraver, Solingen / NRW
Sebastian de Andrade Costa Magalhaes, engraver, Solingen / NRW
Marcel Schulz, metal sculptor, Tangstedt / SH
Tom Yzerman, engraver, Solingen / NRW

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